Contaos FAQ module offers a structured method to create customized "Question & Answer" sections on your website.

Example Questions & Answers

Do your users have any questions?

To display the FAQ on your website you can choose from three modules in the Contao back-end. Those offer the possibility to configure the output of your frequently asked questions in various ways.

  • FAQ - List
  • FAQ - Reader
  • FAQ - Page

The FAQ - List is a frontend module that lets you list your questions and answers from chosen categories. Only the title question and a link to the FAQ - Reader (which needs to be placed on a secondary site) are displayed. It might be a good option to choose this ouput if you have a longer list of questions.

Another way to display information to the visitors is the FAQ - Page module. This module lists all your questions and answers on one page. Linking to another site is not necessary and therefore it is recommanded if you want to show just a few questions and keep all the information on one site. With a little additional code in the mod_faqpage.html5 template you can easily integrate a javascript accordion which will improve the usability of your FAQ greatly for your visitors.

Last update on 28.05.2014 by Steven Brauer.

You have to answer the same over and over?

Every single question and answer allows you to display a title question and a text (of course). You can also add an image and/or an enclosure next to your FAQ item. The predefined fields allow you to set an author of the item and lets you choose if you want to publish the item right away or keep it unpublished for the time being.

Last update on 23.05.2014 by Steven Brauer.

You want to hear the opinions of the website members?

The FAQ also enable you to manage comments. With the tick on the checkbox "Enable comments"in your FAQ category configuration you allow your visitors to leave comments on your FAQs. Different options are integrated to fit your needs regarding the workflow of submitted comments.

  • Moderate comments
  • Get notified when a comment is posted (you can notify the System administrator, the author of the FAQ or both)
  • Set the ordering and the "Comments per page", which automatically creates a pagination
  • Allow your visitors to use BBCode within the comment field

Last update on 23.05.2014 by Steven Brauer.